Thursday, May 12, 2011

Got some good news this morning

So, I sat in on the doctors morning rounds and all the scans from yesterday came back negative for a tumor! They are going to see if Neurology wants to do another MRI, but so far, all the labs and scans have been negative or pending. Which means it eliminates a lot of bad things, like Neuroblastoma. Now, they did tell us that sometimes infants with Neuroblastoma have it and then it regresses before they can find it. So, there might be a chance that that is what happened, and she's dealing with the after effects of it; but at least now there is no tumor, so there won't be a need for chemotherapy.
They are planning on doing a gastric emptying and upper GI series in the next couple of days since we still haven't been able to find out if acid reflux is a part of this whole thing. They have to wait until Monday to do the PH probe, since she is on Protonix and she needs to be off that medication for 3 days prior to the probe.
They are trying to do as many procedures as they can while she's intubated, and they still want ENT (ear, nose throat) to scope her and look at her airways before they extubate her to make sure that she will be ok to breathe on her own. They mentioned planning on extubating her next Monday.
We still have to hear from Neurology what they want to do for treatment now that the scans have been completed and everything was negative. They will probably start the IVIG soon, but they still have to round and come talk to us about when they will do it.
So far, I think it's all good news and we're starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, so keep praying and hoping and I'll update as soon as I get some more answers.
Love you all!

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