Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mitochondrial Myopathy

So the neuro-muscular doctors came by yesterday and did a muscular test on Leah. Some of the results came back as abnormal, so they are going to do a muscle biopsy to see if it could be a mitochondrial myopathy. At this point, they are not sure, but it's a suspicion that they want to test for. The group of diseases is very broad, so until the biopsy is done, they can't say if it could be a more or less severe case of mitochondrial myopathy. They are doing the other GI study today and we'll hopefully get some results from that in the afternoon.
At this point, we're so on edge from all the different things they keep telling us that it is getting pretty nerve wracking. But we have each other and even though we cry and get upset, we know we have to stay strong for Leah no matter what they find.
Hopefully they are getting closer to finding it out

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  1. I guess we are just wondering exactly what it is that is wrong with little Princess Leah. Could you please tell us. We have looked all over this Blog and don't quite understand.