Saturday, June 18, 2011

A different path

So, the L-Dopa definitely did NOT work, in fact, it made her movements worse. The Neurology team is going to try another drug which blocks neurotransmitters instead, to see if that works.
So far, some tests came back from genetics and everything has been negative for the one thing they were leaning toward. Now they are talking to see if they can come up with anything else. I think there are some tests that are still pending.
Lately she has been having trouble sleeping, or at least staying asleep, as the movements sometimes wake her up. I was awake with her last night from 3 am-6 am, when she finally slept for an hour; she took cat naps before that big chunk of sleep.
We're at day 46 here in the hospital and it's starting to wear down on us, but we are glad that we have lots of people supporting us online and here in person
We'll let you know when we now more

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  1. Just curious...have they tried Ativan??? I mean, like that medication...something in the reverse of the haldol...