Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leah smiling!

Hey peeps,
I just have some time to post a quick video of Leah smiling. She was s happy after her cataract surgery, probably because she could see us again, after starting to lose her vision. She has been pretty good today, although she was awake all day and did not really nap. She is sleeping now though, which is good. We had a lot of our friends come and visit to day which is always wonderful for us. It's great to have so much support from people online, but getting to see our really good friends in person really lifts our spirits.
By the way, some people mentioned wanting to send us stuff, letters, or checks or pictures that their kids drew for Leah. We got a mailbox close to the hospital and the address is in the sidebar of the blog, if you'd like to send us or Leah stuff--->

anyway, here's the video, I'll try and post some more info tomorrow, good night!


  1. Aw Thanks for that.
    It made my day!
    Lots of love

  2. Sending lots of prayers to you and your family for immediate answers, support and strength. We completely know what you are going through as our own son was diagnosed at 3 months old with a rare and serious type of epilepsy called Infantile Spasms and he was having from 120 to 200 spasms a day. We were in and out of hospitals over 9 times. We are praying for your strength to work with the Dr's to figure this out. She is a beautiful STRONG little girl and she will get through this. Please be sure to get rest and eat as this is the only way you can help her get stronger each day. We will be praying for you all. Lots of hugs

  3. My little guy (who doesn't talk much) wanted to watch the video a few times. He was laughing and saying, "Tickle, tickle. Daddy loves." It was so cute. I wished I'd filmed it.

  4. Im touched by reading your blog, my heart goes out to Leah and your family. I dont have many words of wisdom right now, as its late!! I do believe there is strength in numbers, and that be the case, you are truly blessed. So many people are praying and keeping all of you close to the heart. Stay strong but remember that it is ok to cry and release your stress and emotions. In fact, its very important to do so. I'll be following your blog now, glad i came across it. Leah is lucky to have you two as her parents. HUGS T.

  5. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you guys. We're rooting for Leah so hard here in the UK, and as soon as we free up some funds we're sending some over.

    Best of luck to you all, your little girl is beyond beautiful. That smile is amazing, and you can see her strength in her eyes.

    I wish there were something more I could say or do to give you strength. Good luck.

  6. Just want you all to know that I'm praying for Leah and for you, her parents. This would touch me anyway, who wouldn't be touched by that smile of hers, but I am a new grandmother, our first. Our Haley is 5 weeks old and is the light of our lives. Each time I look at Leah I feel such connection and think about my own granddaughter. I feel such love for her and can only imagine what you as parents are going thru. Please know that there are complete strangers that care and are as concerned about little Princess Leah as their own family. I'll keep on praying.. God bless you guys and Princess Leah, that smile of yours is worth more than all the money in the world!

  7. Aww so cute ^_^ I heard about you guys through the Force Cast and had to check it out :) I myself have been diagnosed with Rheumedtoid Arthritis when I was 11... I am only 13 and I might not be able to do much but I am praying for you guys and little Leah. May God bless you and help you through this tough time. And I cannot wait to see Leah healthy and strong. Us SW fans got stick together right? ;) Anyways, good luck.

    ~Marissa CA

  8. Great to see those smiles! She seems really happy around you two.