Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Awesome Video made by our friend!

Hey guys,
Check out this great video made by our friend Eric aka Jedi Elvis. He sang and put together the video, which is very beautiful.


  1. Hola des ya llevas el nombre de uan guerrera y sobretodo que eres una niña bella como una princesa,te acabo de ver en el noticiero de ATV, se que la ciencia va encontrar solucionar ese pequeño problema que padeces, porque si ya lograste venir al mundo entonces seguir y darnos un ejemplo de vida, es tu bendicion y se que lo lograras, no hay barreras para ti pequeña, me solidarizo ,asi como todos los trujillanos, y peruanos que se encuentran en el mundo..

  2. It makes me cry to know that's she's lived most of her life connected to tube and hurting. I'm praying for the day that she's healed and can run around and play and be off the tubes and medicines.

    So that's what I'm declaring over Leah's life in Jesus' name; complete and total healing with a full and happy life during and following the hospital, treatments and tubes.

  3. my name is LeeAnne. i have five kids here and two in heaven, i know your pain and i am praying for Leah! she is lovely, and so strong!
    my youngest LilyAnne (18months old),and i watched the video together and as the tears rolled down my cheeks, she gave Leah lots of kisses! over and over she just kept kissing and sharing her love and support with Leah.When we love, they learn to love,and Leah truly is learning to love, and keeping strong because of your faithfulness and love! you are in our prayers!

  4. Leah is so beautiful... I cried watching this... It kills me to know that she has been in so much pain. I just pray God will put his healing touch on Leah and that she will get better by tomorrow morning. You are always in my prayers.

    ~Marissa S. CA