Monday, September 19, 2011

A day in the life

We show you a visit to the doctor with Leah, from last month


  1. God bless you. You are wonderful parents and have a terrific, beautiful, and strong little girl there. I pray for you constantly. You deserve the best in life.

  2. You guys are my heroes!!! =D I know this will sound rather sedate, but you are doing just fine. =) Leah is LOVELY to see; I want to cover her in kisses! Big hugs to you, Zev and Frani and one for Betty, too! =)

  3. wow brings back memories of my little guy. You have got to ask apria for the oxygen backpacks so you dont have to carry the tanks from the regulator. We used to keep 6 in the house and when we got down to 3 we would ask for a refill to make sure we always had enough for an emergency and we kept a packed suitcase by the door with all our overnight stuff since most doctor appts ended up with a hospitalization. YOu guys are doing a great job