Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update from the PICU

Hey all,
I just wanted to get on here really quickly before I went to bed and give an update on what's going on.
So far, all the second round of lab tests they did to see if she has an infection have come back as negative, but for some reason, the past four nights she's been getting fevers and no one can explain why. Tylenol seems to be helping though. Our nurse (who is amazing by the way, we love the Santa Monica PICU) suggested talking to the docs tomorrow about maybe consulting with neurology as it could be some sort neuro related thing. I thought maybe it could be teething? which if it was, would suck because she's been getting antibiotics. But, it might not be that, since she did show a lot of fluid in her lungs when they did the chest X-ray, so we don't know. We'll talk to them tomorrow and hopefully things will clear up a bit.
I'll try and update more tomorrow, please keep praying for her.
have a great night


  1. Thanks so much for the update...even a short one is so good to read. Holding you all in prayer.

  2. I still believe she should be using the Hillrom vibrating Vest. it it so non-invasive and good for getting the fluid out of her lungs. Her cough is just not strong enough to get it all out. We were in the hospital the first three winters with pnemonia until we got the vest for Dominic.

  3. Frani, thanks for the update. She's an inspiration.