Saturday, April 27, 2013

Family time!

We took Leah to the California Science Center to see the Blue Planet in IMAX, and the Ecosystems exhibit! The big screens help her see better with her glasses and it gives her a lot of interesting visual stimulation.
We did have a little scare where she desated to 59% in the car, on the way back, but it was actually due to her coughing really hard, which is a good thing. Typically, she would just desat form the secretions plugging her airway, but this time she was coughing it all up, and because she forces it out so hard, it's difficult to fill her lungs back up, unless we bag her, so she did turn a little blue.
But I was able to bag her and suction the secretions out and she recovered just fine, but still a little scared of course.
She also peed in her diaper today, all on her own without being cathed! I was actually just about to cath her and when I opened her diaper to clean her, she was already peeing and she peed a lot, almost 9.3 oz of urine, so that was really great. I hate to have to cath her all the time.
We did yoga last night and she did some poses to stretch out her quads sand and she was so relaxed afterwards, and I gave her a baby massage with some new natural body butter we got at the farmer's market the other day, it's sort of aromatherapy as well.
This morning she took a warm bath with a bath bomb that my friend Daniela gave me for her from Lush, smelled so amazing, it has rose petals in it. Leah loved it, she was so peaceful and relaxed sleeping in the tub.
She is also having her yoga teacher come over tomorrow morning, thanks Dan Ward Yoga!
I'll update again on the blog with more pics tomorrow
peace and hugs

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